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Ipatovo lemonades — a charge of energy and cheerfulness.


The Ipatovsky brewery was built in 1964. For many years of flawless work, the plant has earned a reputation as a solid and stable enterprise; it successfully continues and develops domestic and foreign brewing traditions. In addition, the plant produces a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages.


Our longtime client Ipatovo Brewery commissioned us to create a new line of lemonades under Ipatovo brand. For the new line, 4 flavors have been developed with the most natural composition. The design was supposed to give the impression that the drink gives energy and boosts immunity.


The design for the new line of lemonades was made within our Startup service, according to which we develop only one concept, but at an affordable price. This service is ideal for those who would like to test a certain hypothesis — whether it will work in the market.

After analyzing the shelf, we decided to build the design on bright elements that would stand out from the competitive environment. One of them was a shield illustrating the function of the drink and evoking a sense of protection and reliability.

The background of the label is divided into two contrasting colors that provide dilution in composition and taste. Delicate pastel illustrations of berries, plants and fruits emphasize the naturalness of the drink and demonstrate its properties. The flavors themselves are also highlighted.

The new line turned out to be fashionable and modern, but at the same time very delicate and natural, meeting the requirements of modern citizens. There are 4 flavors in the line: rose-guava, ginger-lemon, blueberry-lavender, feijoa-kiwi.

Sales started relatively recently, but, according to the client, sales are showing good dynamics for this season, and buyers are attracted by unusual tastes.