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Ivasi from Antei is a delicious treat on your table

About the project

Antey is one of the largest Russian companies in the Far East for the extraction and processing of crab and fish. The history of the company has more than ten years.


Antei commissioned us to design a packaging for the ivasi Pacific Sardine.


In Soviet times, sardine ivasi was on almost every table, but for some reason, it disappeared from the waters of the Far East. And only in 2016 sardine fishing began again.

According to the manufacturer, the older generation feel a certain nostalgia for those times, and the younger generation will have to get acquainted with the Pacific delicacy. Therefore, one of the goals of the company is to return undeservedly forgotten fish to the table of the Russian consumer. After all, in addition to a pleasant taste, ivasi is also a champion among fish in the content of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

The previous black design from a visual point of view wasn’t good enough to attract the buyer’s attention. In addition, he absolutely did not disclose the advantages of the company.

And in fact, there were a lot of advantages. The company has its own fleet of 15 ships, which allows for year-round fishing in the seas of the Far Eastern basin and other parts of the World Ocean. The initial fish processing and freezing takes place directly on the ships, due to which all useful substances are stored in the fish. Antey products undergo strict quality control.

We wrote all these advantages on the packaging. And refused from the black color and made the packaging bright. Since there is relatively little white color on the shelf in this category, this gives a visual advantage over competitors.

We redesigned the logo and developed selling claims (“from the sea to the table”, “high Ca Mg content”, “Omega-3 fatty acids”), and also wrote the information about the manufacturer’s business.