Jean Tussan - exclusive pastries and cakes!


Jean Tussan are exclusive pastries and cakes prepared according to original recipes.


Create a logo and packaging design for handmade gourmet cakes. Also, under a separate contract, naming was developed.


The logo conveys the image of a traditional French patisserie. It contains the attributes of the master confectioner himself. Bronze in combination with a black background creates the effect of a premium brand.

In this category, the shelf is replete with a fairly large offer and there are well-established players. Therefore, our task was to stand out on it and draw the attention of the buyer. For this purpose, the stripes did an excellent job, conveying the French flair of street mimes in vests and berets, amusing the audience. The packaging conveys the spirit and atmosphere of France. And the bronze and black and white stripes give a big visual edge on the shelf.