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Jee’n’Joy is an original brand concept of Asian cuisine.


A completely free brand, developed by Getbrand, for sale or rent. Ideal for retail that has Asian products in its assortment - noodles, sauces, syrups and culinary.


Create a multi-category brand that combines many different Asian cuisine products.


Jee’n’Joy is a brand that is ideal for private labeling of Asian cuisine. This is an excellent option for a chain to expand the share of private labels at the expense of its own brand and reduce the share of traditional brands, and sometimes even remove them completely due to strong brand design.

There are successful and worthy competitors on the shelf in the Asian food category - SenSoy and Chim-Chim. Our task is to distinguish Jee’n’Joy from them, while at the same time maintaining the style characteristic of this shelf.

The first thing that attracts the buyer's attention is a noticeable contrasting logo. The design has a color division - dark blue as the corporate brand color and dividing colors that vary depending on the product category.

The chic food area showcases mouth-watering dishes.

The design is protected by a certificate from Rospatent and belongs to Getbrand.