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Karat — new flavors in colorful packaging!


The Getbrand team created the design of the “flavor line” of KARAT cream cheese.


The Moscow processed cheese factory KARAT has been operating since 1934. In addition to the legendary Druzhba, Yantar, Volna and Chocolate cheeses, which are familiar to more than one generation of customers, the company’s portfolio also includes a line of classic cream cheeses with an emphasis on tastes — creamy, with ham, mushrooms and shrimp. Due to the research of the audience, it turned out that “KARAT” is not perceived by customers as an appetizing and tasty product and looks rather technological and dry for the category where the main benefit is taste. Among the disadvantages were a weakly expressed product area, excessive manufacturability and the absence of additional claims that would reveal the advantages of the product for the buyer.

Our task was to redesign the flavoring line of cream cheeses, which will allow the brand to look more attractive and appetizing and meet the requirements of a category where the key drivers are palatability, creaminess and naturalness. It is especially important in this case not to create a new brand, but to maintain continuity with the design of the legendary KARAT cheese line.


Bright and powerful contrast of the geometry and the signature yellow color provided the KARAT cheeses with an effective restart and still help it to remain noticeable on the shelf. However, in order to correspond to the customer’s perceptions of taste, which is the main attribute of choice, the design of the “taste line” should be more appetizing, creamy, and need to have understandable logic in differentiating tastes. The Getbrand team did a global job of researching consumer preferences in the category and adapting the taste line design to them, while preserving the contrast and geometry that are important for KARAT brand identity. In design, we chose the one of the strongest elements in terms of branding — the diagonal. This solution allowed us to build a clear architecture: the brand zone located on the left side of the package was assigned a signature yellow color, and the right side was responsible for the color differentiation of taste. Thus, we formed a powerful visual spot on the shelf and built consumer-friendly logic in differentiation.

To strengthen the key driver of the category, we introduced an impressive food-zone in the form of a large mouth-watering sandwich with a thick layer of cream cheese on top. This helped not only to visualize the taste of each cheese in the line, but also to focus on the benefits of the product that are important for the audience — appetizing and creamy.

The conversion layer of the packaging, which answers the question “why should we buy this product”, is reinforced with the claims “gentle”, “thick”, “with real cream”, and emphasize the advantages of the composition and convey the organoleptic of the product: the buyer can taste the cheese before he eats it. The visual enhancement of the plant’s founding year —1934 — focused on the impressive history of the KARAT brand.