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Karavay - everything will be fine!


Today, products under the brand name "KARAVAY" can be found throughout our country and far beyond its borders - the enterprise is the largest in the Russian bread industry with 100% domestic capital.

This year marks the 95th anniversary of the fact that fresh, fragrant and invariably tasty bread from “KARAVAY” appears on the table of almost every St. Petersburg family every day. Breads and loaves, muffins, pies and cakes, dryers and bagels, frozen semi-finished products, bread kvass and even souvenir gingerbread - more than 200 items in total. 


To develop a key image to increase consumer loyalty, in order to give people a reason to smile, to be positive in difficult life conditions, so that meeting with a brand during the day is associated with good luck.


Karavay has the most extensive experience in the production of bread and bakery products in St. Petersburg. Almost every store in St. Petersburg presents brand products.
But there are several such plants in the region, and there is fierce competition, and it was recently announced that the Kolomensky plant has acquired the Russian business of the Finnish company Fazer, which owns three factories in St. Petersburg. All these factors served as a signal for action, and at the beginning of the summer, Karavay decided to strengthen the image component and increase awareness of the brand among city residents through media sources. 

The first point in his strategy Karavay decided to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign in Outdoor, using different formats of outdoor advertising - dynamic, city.

We prepared layouts, the idea for which was proposed by the company's leaders - to fold two pieces of bread in such a way as to make a heart. We, in turn, proposed to put something tasty on it, so that when looking at a billboard with a delicious sandwich, people's taste buds instantly awaken.

We proposed several options for the food zone, and all of them were accepted, becoming the basis for the concept. The key image is divided into two formats - horizontal and vertical. An incredibly tasty heart-shaped sandwich flaunts on a contrasting branded blue background. Cheerful message "Everything will be fine!" creates a positive attitude.

The layouts look great in an urban environment. Yellow brand block "Karavay", personifying the sun, a large inscription "Everything will be fine!" and a delicious food zone together work perfectly for brand visibility and memorability.