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Khrustyakhis - taste decides everything!


Averton is one of the largest Russian factories for the production of snack products. All products of the Averton plant are natural ingredients multiplied by advanced production, the best technologists and the international quality standard - the HACCP system.


Averton commissioned us to develop a packaging design for the Khrustyakhis snack line, differentiating it from the main classical line.


Khrustyakhis are large-sized nuts with a certain roasting. The name emphasizes the characteristic crunch of these nuts.

In our work, we used our “3D brand field” technique. The main target audience of the brand is teenagers. Therefore, as a positioning territory, we chose Energy and Freedom and the brand archetype of the Rebel, who breaks stereotypes and sets his own standards. A certain style of British punk culture of the 60s was chosen for the visual, perfectly conveying the character and mood of the brand.

Averton as a parent brand is present on the packaging in the form of the letter A, but in order to rebuild this line from others, wings are attached to the letter A, as an element inherent in punk culture. The logo itself is written somewhat casually and consists of different typefaces to emphasize the relaxed nature of the brand.

The design uses a paper collage technique, reminiscent of the artwork on the first Sex Pistols records.

The food zone consists of two huge sprinkled nuts that visually attract attention and accentuate the taste. The design perfectly stands out on the shelf among competitors, creates a sense of drive and rebellion.