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Kidfinity - taking care of the baby!

About the project

Bytplast is a major manufacturer and supplier of a variety of plastic products, including products for children. The company’s portfolio includes several Plastishka brands (baby products) and licenses of Angry Birds and Masha and the Bear.


The company’s portfolio included the Kidfinity brand, which was planned to be launched on the international market. We were commissioned to create a design for the packaging of baby bath support under this brand. 


At the first stage, we used our technology Platform of Growth, with which we identify possible territories for positioning. Understanding the territory of positioning defines key accents in visual identification. 

The new product has everything you need for a comfortable and safe bathing for your baby. The shape of the support allows the child to sit comfortably, supporting the back, prevents falling out, slipping out or injuring herself, while leaving her mother’s hands free. Toys located on the front of the safety rim carry the baby through the bathing process.

Based on the characteristics of the product, its emotional and rational advantages, which must not only be reflected, but also strengthened by the design concept, we assigned Kidfinity to the territory of “control” and “comfort”:

facilitates the bathing process for parents, making it more comfortable for parents and less stressful for the child

ensures the safety of the child while bathing 

designed with attention to the needs of parents and to the quality of the product itself 

The packaging design was supposed to create the feeling of a modern European brand, transmit the expertise, reliability, typical for the territory of the “Control”, but at the same time demonstrate the care for children and support for parents, using the “Comfort” zone as an auxiliary.

The logo has been redesigned: from the tender and pastel associated with the game, it has become bright and dynamic, transmitting expertise. At the same time, we have preserved the color scheme inherent in children’s goods.