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Kolomenskoe - oven baked cookies!


BKK Kolomensky has been operating since 1956. Today it occupies a leading position in the Moscow market for the production of bakery and confectionery products. Based on the experience, proven over the years, the company continues to develop successfully.

The Kolomenskoye brand has long been known to Muscovites and is popular in the central region of Russia. Under the Kolomenskoye brand, a wide range of high-quality products is produced, which also includes classic waffles. But the company does not stand still and begins to create innovations in the segment of traditional products. 


In 2020, a decision was made to launch a new confectionery sub-brand in the high price segment on the market. The line included wafers, the next step was the launch of biscuits made from natural ingredients, without artificial flavors and dyes.

On the basis of the previously developed design of the confectionery line, we needed to develop a design for the packaging of cookies, choose a color scheme, and develop a selling reverse side for cookies.


Now there is a trend among consumers for healthy products, including confectionery products without palm oil and without milk fat substitutes. Therefore, the absence of palm oil in the composition is the main USP of the new product.

For the production of cookies, the European technology for preparing dough and baking is used; only simple and natural ingredients; high quality sunflower oil.
All this gives a unique taste, friability and unique taste sensations. 

The brand block in the form of a ribbon contains a logo and a product category - cereal or sugar cookies.

The main emotions that had to be conveyed through the design were the pleasure of taste. Therefore, the food zone comes to the fore. The focus is on the cookie itself with the original seal and ingredients. The food area itself is additionally highlighted to emphasize the taste. The background of the packaging, deep green, once again emphasizes that we have a natural product without harmful ingredients.

In the brand block, we added the benefits of the product: “simmered in the oven” and “tender and crispy”. On the reverse side, we have introduced a product description area, in which we reveal in detail the natural composition: whole grain flour, whole rye and oat flakes.