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Kolomenskoye — high quality, recognizable taste!


BKK “Kolomensky” has been operating since 1956. Today it occupies a leading position in the Moscow market for the production of bakery and confectionery products. Based on the experience proven over the years, the company continues to develop successfully.


The Kolomenskoye brand has long been known to Muscovites and is popular in the central region of Russia. A wide range of high quality products is produced under the Kolomenskoye brand, including classic waffles. But the company does not stand still and begins to create innovations in the segment of traditional products.

In 2020, it was decided to launch a new sub-brand of confectionery products in the high price segment on the market. The first product in the new Desertime line was supposed to be deep corrugated wafers. The company commissioned us to design packaging for a new brand.


The deep corrugation method allows you to give the product an exceptional appearance, endow it with new organoleptic properties. Consumers are now trending towards healthy and wholesome foods, including palm oil-free and dairy-free confectionery. Therefore, the absence of palm oil in the composition is the main USP of the new product.

We took as a basis the current brand block — the ribbon on which the logo is located, and designated the category — waffles with butter cream and dark chocolate.

The main emotion that needed to be conveyed through the design is the pleasure of taste. Therefore, we paid great attention to the food zone. We show a waffle in the rift, from which chunks fly away to emphasize the characteristic crunch of the waffles, as well as to showcase the thick layer of creamy filling interspersed with pieces of dark chocolate. The food area is highlighted in blue to focus on the flavor. The background of the packaging itself is dark blue — the corporate color of the brand. The “real chocolate” label emphasizes the product’s superiority.

On the reverse side, we introduced a product description area, in which we reveal in detail the natural composition: butter-milk cream based on coconut oil, pieces of real dark Belgian chocolate and natural aromatic cocoa. The palm oil-free label tells the customer that they are looking at a healthy product and increases loyalty to the new brand.

The new design is taken as a basis for further replication on other products that will be presented in the Desertime line.