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Komi – quality and stability!


JSC Mondi Syktyvkar LPK is the largest paper manufacturer in Russia. The enterprise's capacity allows it to annually produce about 1.3 million tons of high-quality competitive products: office, offset, newsprint paper, container and consumer cardboard and dry commercial pulp, which are successfully sold both in Russia and abroad.


Develop a logo system for the new umbrella brand of printing papers “Komi”.


On the one hand, “Komi” is a replacement for the Maestro Print brand of the Mondi Group for white papers, on the other hand, an expansion of the range and an attempt to occupy a niche vacated after the departure of brands from other European manufacturers.

“Mondi Syktyvkar produces a number of traditional products - cardboard under the brands KomiWhite, KomiPak, KomiFresh and others. Therefore, the decision to also unite all printing paper grades under the Komi umbrella brand is logical and natural. The name itself speaks about the origins and cultural values of the products, and the short, succinct and sonorous word is easy to pronounce and transliterate. Each type of printing paper is divided into a separate sub-brand, the names are selected according to their meaning or application. Thus, the new plump book paper of a warm creamy shade was called KomiStory, and the famous Syktyvkar offset is now called KomiOffset,” said Alexey Shamin, General Director of Mondi Sales CIS LLC.

The name “Komi” is a reference to the Komi Republic, where the production is located.

The bird in the logo was born as a reference to the bird on the coat of arms of the Komi Republic itself. The client had a request, on the one hand, to make the branding modern, but, at the same time, to include authenticity and regional flavor in the design.

We have developed a simple logo that can be used as a rotating pattern for all types of packaging.