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Krai Rodimy - the milk of the native land!


The Milk of Buryatia enterprise has been operating since 1955 and is one of the leading companies in the Republic of Buryatia. The assortment of the company "Milk of Buryatia" includes all types of dairy products, more than 40 items.



Milk of Buryatia commissioned us to create a packaging design for a local strong milk brand in the Buryatia region.


To get acquainted with the business and the entrepreneurs who created it, and to see with our own eyes how people live in the region, we flew to Ulan-Ude. This allows us to be as unbiased as possible and create design not from subjective ideas about the region, but from objective data, from impressions, from direct acquaintance with the original culture and traditions.

We visited Ivolginsky Datsan, a Buddhist monastery in Buryatia, where we saw how the monks live, got acquainted with their way of life and culture. After that, we went to Baikal, where a truly pastoral picture opened up to our eyes - cows peacefully grazed on the shore of Lake Baikal and nibbled grass. We tried to reflect this unique ecosystem in the packaging design.

On the territory of Buryatia, you can see a lot of trees tied with colorful ribbons. This is a kind of offering to the local spirits and one of the main rituals that everyone who travels to Baikal and wants to ask the spirits to fulfill their dreams strive to observe. We captured this tradition later in the design.

The name «Krai Rodimy» personifies the milk of the native land, milk from the shores of Lake Baikal.
In the design, we included the traditional Buryat ornament, which is typical for local architecture, the shore of Lake Baikal, a cow in a flowering meadow, which lay down on the grass - all that we saw with our own eyes. And the very ribbon that people hang on trees was placed in the logo.

When we launched this brand, it gained such popularity throughout the Baikal region that when large delegations came to visit the local administration, Krai Rodimy was the treatment for the dear guests and was often given as a gift and a souvenir. Acquaintance with the region through local brands can be safely attributed to the branding of territories.