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Krasnogorskie farms - high quality and freshness of products!


Dairy products made from milk from the own farms located in ecologically clean areas of the Kirov region.


We were commissioned by a large agricultural holding Doronichi, located in the Vyatka region, in the portfolio of which was the Krasnogorsk milk brand. The company planned to unite the entire line of products manufactured at the factory under the new Krasnogorskie Farms brand.


The Vyatka region is a rather interesting dairy region, the inhabitants of which prefer to buy local products, as they absolutely trust them. The choice among well-known local brands - Bogorodskoye, Vyatushka, Vyatskaya haze - is quite large.

Krasnogorsk milk did not look quite distinct, understandable and noticeable against the background of competitors, and most importantly, it did not communicate in any way that it was a local product. Therefore, it was necessary to focus on this by creating a powerful offer from a local manufacturer.

When launching a new brand, it is important to grab attention on the shelf, show the naturalness and freshness of the product, and talk about its benefits.
On the packaging appeared watercolor illustrations with cows grazing in the meadow. The large logo, which is perfectly visible on the packaging and is well remembered, in combination with a bright design, made the products stand out on the shelf and against the background of strong competitors.

In terms of the conversion layer, each SKU has a special stamp on which we reveal all the benefits of our product: 24 hours from milking to bottling, 12 farms in the Kirov region. Each product has its own technological cycle. Such things give people additional value, increase loyalty, since the freshness and locality of products are the factors that buyers make their choice based on.

For the company, we made the design of several SKUs, which the company later replicated on its own for the rest of the range. The brand turned out to be bright, noticeable, very loud on the shelf, and we are very proud of this work.