Kurnosiki — joy every day!


The company Mir Detstva commissioned us to redesign the brand “Kurnosiki”.

Before the start of the restyling, the parents, who acted as experts at focus groups, described the brand in this way: bright, cheerful, noticeable, accessible, Russian. And the renewal of style had to be done with careful preservation of the image of the brand loved by consumers.


First of all, we developed a new contrasting logo, in which silhouettes of butterflies appeared, adding emotion to the brand. We didn’t change the color of the packaging, because yellow was fixed in the minds of consumers as the brand color of Kurnosiks, but we changed the shade to a more intense and sunnier, and the fonts to more modern ones. The “Made in Russia” icon is now clearly visible on the packaging. The characters of the perky little kids have become full-fledged heroes of the packaging, noticeable and large.

We have reworked the overall architecture of the brand so that the buyer can immediately find all the necessary characteristics: for what age the product is designed, what are its advantages.

An audit of the updated brand showed that efficiency increased by 30%. What. It was further reinforced by sales results. During the year of the project’s implementation, sales of various categories of goods that have undergone packaging redesign increased by an average of 10%.