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LavkaLavka - farm products at an affordable price!


LavkaLavka is a club that brings together food producers and customers who share the brand's philosophy and appreciate such products.
LavkaLavka promotes products and raises the awareness of each manufacturer and author of ready-made food by talking about each manufacturer on the packaging of a particular product and in advertising communications. LavkaLavka is a quality mark and a single brand that accumulates the values, emotions of a healthy life and guarantees the quality of healthy food! 


Create the concept of a cross-category corporate identity for the LavkaLavka brand, transformable to different packaging formats, as well as to different technical capabilities of manufacturers. The design should serve as a guide for the consumer to a unique club of natural, high-quality and tasty products with proven safety and help to highlight the brand on the shelves of chain stores, "move" federal and local competitors and effectively convey the benefits of the product and the LavkaLavka brand.


The main mission of LavkaLavka is the search for products and ready-made dishes that are unique in their gastronomic and healthy properties from various parts of our country, their comprehensive study and careful delivery to consumers.

Before becoming a member of the LavkaLavka club, each supplier undergoes a production audit. After the start of deliveries, the company ensures full quality control throughout the entire chain and guarantees the safety of products. 

The LavkaLavka brand was purchased from a farmer's cooperative. Therefore, we decided not to change the already existing logo, but wrote it in two lines in order to make it smaller and more noticeable. The packaging has a strong brand zone due to the combined turquoise and dark brown stripes that attract attention and the contrasting LavkaLavka logo. In the background is a portrait of a real farmer, on behalf of which phrases related to his product are written. This approach disposes the consumer to the brand and inspires more confidence.

At the bottom is a block with a description of the product. This design has a rigid architecture so that each product in the line, on the one hand, has its own style, but is clearly associated with the brand for better recognition.

The project was developed under the Startup tariff, during which we create one version without finalization and adaptation to other SKUs, which makes it possible to get one high-quality version without overpaying for additional concepts.