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LeCafé - according to traditional recipes of French coffee houses!


Strauss is one of the largest food manufacturers in Israel. Strauss Group specializes in the production of dairy products, coffee, water, snacks, salads and sauces.



Milk of Buryatia commissioned us to create a packaging design for a local strong milk brand in the Buryatia region.


To get acquainted with the business and the entrepreneurs who created it, and to see with our own eyes how people live in the region, we flew to Ulan-Ude. This allows us to be as unbiased as possible and create design not from subjective ideas about the region, but from objective data, from impressions, from direct acquaintance with the original culture and traditions.

Although the design was bright enough, it was lost on the shelf compared to other players from the economy segment (Black Card, Jockey, Grand), did not lead to a purchase and was poorly associated with the brand.

The audit according to our “Three Layers of Efficiency” methodology showed low packaging efficiency. The lack of a food zone, the modern look of competitors - did not give the LeCafé brand a chance to succeed on the shelf.

New positioning

Thanks to its name LeCafé, the brand is located in the zone of belonging to France, to Paris and should create the feeling of a French coffee house.
The second vector of development is pleasure. The pleasure of coffee, its smell, taste. The brand should create the delicious sensation of delicious coffee through food zones, complementary French desserts that people consume with coffee.
“The pleasure of coffee” and “Belonging to France” should be conveyed in the packaging design to communicate the idea of the brand, its positioning.

The design came out bright, optimistic, european. Thanks to the new can shape, we were able to noticeably increase the area of the label. The design is based on a circle that spins multiple stories. The first one shows the sights of Paris, the second one conveys the pleasure of a cup of invigorating aromatic coffee. The powerful contrast of red and gold gives the brand a visual outstanding on the shelf.

We hope that the redesign will help to achieve all the set business goals and attract a new audience, switching it from other inexpensive coffee brands to LeCafé.