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Legkoe menu — a source of health and benefits!


Udmurtskaya Khlebnaya Kompaniya commissioned us to create a strong cross-category brand that unites cereals for a healthy diet.


Currently, the main trend is the growing consumer interest in proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. In accordance with this, consumer preferences are also changing: the demand for traditional types of bread and bakery products made from wheat of short storage is falling, the demand for grain bread, bread products with the addition of vitamins is growing.

Special types of bread with healthy additives fit simultaneously into two promising consumption trends: healthy eating and the desire to diversify your diet. Cereal bars are capturing a third key trend — ready solutions focused on consumption on the go and convenience.

Key market players remain connected to tradition and naturalness (understandable benefits), not missing the opportunity to talk about the specific benefits of complex carbohydrates and fiber. Some brands focus on the variety of flavors (“useful can be tasty”).

It is important for our target audience to adhere to the active lifestyle, not to lose pleasure in trying to keep everything under control, improve the quality of the diet (for ourselves and those of our loved ones) and the standard of living in general, expand our own boundaries.

Consumer insight:

“Like many others, I pay more and more attention to healthy eating trends and food composition. I would like to improve my diet, lead a more active lifestyle, instill good habits in my family members, but I don’t always have the strength to give up my usual lifestyle. And the abundance on store shelves often forces us to make a choice in favor of harmful, bright and tasty, or what we took before. ”

Brand territory is energy and freedom. The Legkoe Menu brand was created in order to support people who have chosen the path of proper nutrition. The mission of the company is to improve the diet of every person, and to make healthy food available for all generations and for people of all income levels. Easy, healthy, tasty and nutritious — these should be the foods in everyone’s diet. Habits should be beneficial. And with Legkoe Menu brand it is easy to maintain such a habit.

The design is made according to our unique method “3 layers of efficiency”.

Visual layer

The design reflects the key meanings: simplicity, accessibility, ease, usefulness, convenience, clarity.

The prevailing white color gives volume and creates a feeling of lightness and air. Spikelets are a reference to the composition. A large, well-remembered logo with an interesting play on the letter “ё” in the name — a reference to the naturalness and generosity of nature itself, which gave us bread.

Context layer

Informative. All the main things are written on the front label, including the category. Differentiation is convenient.

Conversion layer

Emphasis is placed on specific benefits for the buyer. In the infographic on the front side, the main advantages of the product are spelled out, thanks to which we understand that it is a healthy product that is ideal for adherents of healthy eating.