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Levenkaas — dutch quality from a Russian manufacturer.


Kabosh is a vertically integrated full cycle agricultural holding, where the entire production chain is fully controlled. The company itself grows feed for Holstein-Friesian cows, produces and processes milk, makes, cuts and packs its cheeses. This allows us to guarantee transparency at every stage and a consistently high quality of the final product.


When Dmitry Viktorovich Matveev, the general director of the Kabosh company, contacted us, Kabosh cheeses were already sold in retail, mostly semi-hard, and there was a Kabosh brand. But the company had many more cheeses in the premium segment in development for launch at that time. And in order to unite the entire assortment under a single brand of Kabosh, to understand what exactly is Kabosh in the category of cheeses and how exactly these cheeses will differ from all the others, we held a workshop “Vysota” with the client’s team to create positioning and determine directions for the brand portfolio for all lines.

After successful work, we focused on packaging design for Levenkaas cheeses.


The main problem of Russian cheese makers is that Russia does not yet have a high-quality dairy base. Dmitry Viktorovich Matveev has a very thoughtful approach to his business. Kabosh is one of the few producers who have created their own dairy base and the entire production cycle, controlled at every stage.

As you know, quality cheese starts with quality milk. Cheese milk has certain protein and microbiological standards to produce cheeses with a long ripening period. And in order to provide the best raw materials for its product, the company itself grows feed for cows, builds livestock complexes, processes milk and creates high-quality cheeses. Cows of the Holstein-Friesian breed were brought from New Zealand and this is a pride of the company.

The CEO travels a lot around the world, adopting world experience and attracting the best specialists in this field. Each line has its own technologists from different countries. Levenkaas was modeled after the Maasdam, and tastes like the Maasdam sold in Holland.

At the workshop, we developed a general positioning for the entire Kabosh group of companies: regardless of the line, Kabosh should be present as a guarantor brand on all cheeses, without exception.

Kabosh is a guarantee of the quality of cheese in Russia. The products are produced on the Pskov land with a fairly good ecology and a climate favorable for cheese making. This whole story is supported by the personal brand of the owner Dmitry Matveyev, who is proud of what he does and is not ashamed of his products.

The Levenkaas line is one of the Dutch cheese group. We transferred all the advantages of the Kabosh company to the packaging design.

The design of the packaging is made in the style of Dutch tiles, traditional folk art and refers to sailing, discovering the world and traveling. The yellow Kabosh logo has a small but noticeable area that is immediately visible when you walk up to the shelf and it highlights all the Kabosh products.

The name of the Levenkaas line is highlighted in a larger font and inscribed in the window in which you can see the cheese.

All the benefits that were laid down in the positioning are reflected on the package. We talk about the company’s business card — the cheese-friendly standard of milk — and about the fact that the cheese is made on the Pskov land, without trying to mimic a Western product. This is an author’s cheese, made jointly with Dutch technologists on the Pskov land by a Russian entrepreneur, who guarantees the quality of the product.

We hope that the launch will be very successful for the entire Kabosh line and thanks to our work, Kabosh will become a leader among federal brands in Russian retail.