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Limak — start your morning with a toast!


Food company “Limak” is one of the leaders in the food industry in Russia. The products are manufactured in modern bakery plants, combining the latest technology with long-term traditions (since 1934). Bread production goes through a full cycle, traditional baking technologies are used: thick dough, natural sourdoughs and brews.


After creating the packaging design for the line of traditional Limak bread, the agency was commissioned to design a toast bread line in order to increase sales in the pan bread category and launch new products.


Toast is one of the traditional and simplest breakfast options. Toaster-dried slices of toast bread give you limitless creativity. You can simply add a piece of butter, salmon and lettuce to a hot slice, and a wonderful breakfast is ready.

While creating the design, we used the identity that we developed for the classic line. At the same time, having developed certain differentiating features of the toast line.

On the packaging there is a special “window” in the form of toast, thanks to which it immediately becomes clear that this is bread for toasts. The line includes classic toast, with bran and grain. We used different colors to differentiate between flavors and textures.

Toast bread differs from other types of significant porosity of the structure, a thin elastic crust and the absence of crumbs. All these advantages are indicated on the front of the package. And the label “ideal for toasts and sandwiches” sets you up for pleasant thoughts about a delicious breakfast and further emphasizes the product category.

The result of our work is a vibrant line of toast breads that can be easily identified on store shelves and will compete perfectly with the rest of the brands in this category.