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Limak — tradition and quality!


Limak company is one of the leaders in the food industry in Russia. The products are manufactured in modern bakery plants, combining the latest technology with long-term traditions (since 1934). Bread production goes through a full cycle, traditional baking technologies are used: thick dough, natural sourdoughs and brews.


In 2020, in accordance with market demands, it was decided to diversify the assortment into new product lines:

“Traditions and Quality” — traditional mass breads and loaves without added value, both shaped and hearth.

“Live healthy!” — products associated in the minds of consumers with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

“Magic of Taste” — breads and loaves with added value, as well as national and custard breads.

Our first task was to develop packaging design for the Tradition and Quality line, which:

1) will distinguish the brand’s products on the shelf from competitors;

2) will effectively communicate the positioning and benefits of the product to the consumer;

3) will retain its association with the Limak brand, but will separate the products into a separate line with a convenient and visual SKU differentiation system within the line.


We understand that any revolutionary changes could affect sales and therefore we chose a successive strategy and the client agreed. We have added to the logo the year of foundation — 1934 — and the emotional descriptor “Limak is always at the head of the table”, which together underline the traditions and history of the company and give a sense of brand reliability.

In addition, in the redesign of the classic line, it was important to tell that the product is produced according to an old recipe from 100% natural ingredients, while preserving the benefits of wheat and rye grains. This was not reflected in the previous design.

The design turned out to be quite traditional, with an engraving of a mill set against the backdrop of a picturesque rural landscape typical for southern Russia. An important element is the differentiation in the so-called “tail” — this is the name of the part of the polyethylene of the package that is located at the top over the clip — and this «tai“l is also a differentiator of the line. The red strip in combination with the pattern of wheat spikelets on a purple background allows you to quickly identify the brand, which is especially important in a situation where bread, for example, is not on the shelf facing the customer, but lies in a heap with other brands.

The key image developed by us helps to promote the product, showing the new design and the slogan “Limak has always been at the head of the table since 1934”, thereby speaking of tradition and competitive advantages.

The design was made according to the “3 layers of efficiency” method.

In the visual layer, it is important for us that the product is visible on the shelf and this is achieved thanks to the logo and engraving with the mill.

The contextual layer makes it clear whether the bread is sliced ​​or hearth. The category is written in large size.

The conversion layer demonstrates the benefits by talking about bread making and composition.

All this makes the brand one of the most profitable to buy.