Lumix - feel the drive!


The manufacturing company LLC DZERZHINSKY PLANT OF ORGANIC SYNTHESIS has a long history of producing high-quality coolants for all types of cars, in particular, Sibiria antifreeze, which has already won the market. Lumix is a new brand of affordable automotive antifreeze from the well-established antifreeze manufacturer Sibiria. Lumix combines adequate price positioning and technology from OEM antifreeze manufacturers.


 To create a packaging design for the new Lumix antifreeze.


The design draws attention to the large letter L, which changes color depending on the type of antifreeze, which captures the visual differentiation within the range.

We also developed an emblem with a galloping horse, which adds dynamics to the label and conveys the character of the brand. On the front, it was easy to make the most appropriate choice and quickly find a general opinion.

If you look at the shelves, you can see Lumix as the one of the most noticeable in the auto chemicals category. We have carefully worked out all the layers: visual, contextual and conversion to give the brand priority on the shelf.