Malt and Honey — bright taste!


Alcon commissioned us to create a package design for a new malt drink based on honey “Malt and Honey”.


It was important for us to distinguish the drink from the rest on the shelf due to the identity and designate honey as the main ingredient in the composition.

The design came out quite laconic, but attracting the attention of the buyer. Primarily due to its bright yellow-black color scheme, which makes drinks on the shelf stand out. The large logo, enclosed in a black hexagon reminiscent of a honeycomb, attracts attention due to the size and contrast. A bee carrying a spike of malt lends an emotional flavor to the logo.

The yellow-black stripes on the necklace at the top of the bottle, imitating bee colors, make the product stand out even more from other competitors due to the color accent.

The drink took its rightful place on the shelf of garage lemonades, which have recently been arousing the interest of the buyer.