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Myasnitsky Ryad - a guarantee of taste for small pleasures!


Having begun its history in 2004, today Myasnitsky Ryad is one of the five leaders in the meat gastronomy market of Moscow and the Moscow region. The brand has won the trust and love of customers and more than 1,000,000 people confirm this by daily enjoying the impeccable taste of Myasnitsky Ryad products.

Production of Myasnitsky Ryad products is carried out on the basis of the Myasnitsky Ryad. This is a high-tech enterprise, equipped with modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, certified according to the international system ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP. All this guarantees strict quality control of all manufactured products, their compliance with European standards and safety. To date, the company has repeatedly successfully, without remarks, passed the international certification audit.

The brand is included in the Top 10 suppliers in the category of meat gastronomy in federal chains* according to Ntech.


Our tasks included redesigning, updating the packaging in general and updating the logo in particular, while maintaining continuity in the logo, in order to help the Myasnitsky Ryad brand increase recognition on the shelf, attract a new younger audience (while retaining the old one) and enter the a priority matrix of brands that the consumer considers when buying.

We have developed a brand strategy, packaging design for three product lines, a key image and a brand book.


With the help of our “Three Layers of Efficiency” audit, we identified the main problems in the current design: low visibility of the packaging and logo, lack of an appetizing food zone, perception of the product as cheaper, lack of visual differentiation of products within the line, poor communication of meanings.

After the audit, we started developing the brand platform. After the development of positioning hypotheses, it was determined that the key territories are the territories of "Control" and "Comfort", which are responsible for guaranteeing the safety, freshness and taste of products, the additional one is the territory of "Belonging", which allows adding more emotionality to the rational advantages of the brand and product.

The final hypothesis of the brand platform was: “in today's changing world, few people can take responsibility for what they do, what they produce. And despite the fact that everyone promises (both quality and taste, etc.), no one gives guarantees. Producers often "chemically" change compositions, making consumers even more worried about the quality and safety of products, and thereby undermine their confidence in the entire category of meat products.

And the Myasnitsky Ryad company guarantees the stability of taste and quality. And these are not just words, they are supported by such brand attributes as:

• Long-term experience of successful work; one of the TOP-5 market leaders in Moscow and Moscow Region
• High-tech enterprise
• Proven database of suppliers
• Strict quality control at all stages
• Certified laboratory in production
• Branded retail stores and wide distribution in chain retail

The new logo has become more concise, clear and expressive. Due to the contrasting label, the products stand out on the shelf perfectly. Smooth, “reliable” fonts are used to describe the characteristics of the product and control its quality. An appetizing food zone demonstrates and highlights the product itself, and emphasizes the brand's positioning - getting "life's little pleasures" through taste.

In communication through the brands "100% natural composition", "without GMOs and soy", the topics of guarantee, stability, reliability, as well as enjoying life with loved ones without fears and nerves are revealed. Pictograms add emotion to the packaging and show how easy it is to prepare the product.

A single brand architecture makes it easy to differentiate products within the lines due to color, arrangement of visual elements and font solutions.

Myasnitsky Ryad is a meat gastronomy brand that guarantees the taste and safety of meat products so that consumers can trust, knowing that they have made the right choice, and receive their little joys in an intimate atmosphere.