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Myasoyar - quality meat products from Yaroslavl!


Myasoyar is the only meat processing enterprise in the city of Yaroslavl that has been producing sausages and meat delicacies for over 16 years.
Today, the enterprise has high-tech European equipment, a modern production base, qualified personnel and vast experience in its arsenal. The plant employs 250 employees, each of whom is a professional in his field. The production capacity of the enterprise allows to produce 30-40 tons every day. The plant produces up to 400 tons of products monthly, providing the nearby cities with fresh produce. 


Create a recognizable, eye-catching uniform packaging that will differentiate the brand on the shelf from competitors, attract a younger audience and communicate product benefits.
The design should be universal for all products and could be adapted to retail branding. 


As the client himself noted, the existing design is 20 years old, it is morally outdated. Existing design does not attract consumers, does not convey value, does not reflect the advantages of the brand and the high quality of the product.

Our audit using the “Three Layers of Efficiency” method confirmed the client's fears: the product was not visible on the shelf, the logo was not remembered, and there was no uniform visual style. The packaging looked like a bright red spot and blended with other manufacturers.

Before starting work, it was important for us to find the brand value that people would be willing to pay for, how the product differs from federal brands.
In the course of a conversation with the owner, we found out that this is a family business, which uses manual labor, proven traditional recipes in compliance with the requirements of GOST under the strict control of the chief technologist and laboratory. This formed the basis for brand positioning. Myasoyar is a brand with the warmth of human hands, made by a family that cares about what people eat.

Due to our methodology «Platforms of Growth», the brand is located in the territories of "Affiliation" (family business, location in the name, traditional family values of consumers) + "Comfort" (naturalness of the product, manual labor, as before) + "Control" (careful quality control products, personal responsibility of the manufacturer)

We proposed to build the packaging design on the contrast of two colors - light and dark.
For the main GOST line, we took red and beige colors. We made the logo more compact and noticeable by writing the name Myaso and Yar, focusing on “Yar”, as it is a local Yaroslavl product.
The packaging came out colorful and understandable for local residents. The symbol of Yaroslavl is a bear, according to legend, killed by Prince Yaroslav the Wise on the site of the future city. Therefore, the logo contains an image of a bear as a reference to Yaroslavl and his history.

On the front of the packaging, we brought the main brand values: family production and manual labor. The label and packaging architecture are easily replicated across the brand's products.
The design has become more visible on the shelf due to the contrast solution. We have strengthened all three layers: visual (visibility of the packaging and logo), contextual (everything related to the category and information about the product) and conversion (the answer to the question why you should buy this brand) - in our case, Myasoyar is a local production, a family business, product quality.

The redesign helped the manufacturer to enter all city supermarkets and ensure high purchase frequency and high level of local loyalty.

Myasoyar - meat products from a family production with a long history who strive to create a product that you will love.