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«Omegin» - a sea of useful power!


«Za Rodinu» is a fish processing complex of a full technological cycle, from catching fish to manufacturing finished products. More than 300 technological operations make up a complex process for the manufacture of industrial canned fish.
Modern, high-tech equipment allows the production of more than 50 types of canned fish of the highest quality and more than 200 types of preserves, dried and smoked products
Unique geographic location in the catchment area and a rich fishing tradition. 


To develop a design for a new sub-brand of sardines, which will help separate the new line from holiday products, expand and rejuvenate the target audience of the brand.

To identify a new brand that evokes a younger audience of Independents, Hedonists, it is important to break away from the usual color schemes in the excluded category and classic food zones. The design should meet consumer demand for new habits associated with the occurrence of situations associated with the consumption of this product (and not just on holidays and New Year's for big family events). 


A key step in the work on the project was our workshop «Vysota», during which the positioning and promotion strategy of the company «Za Rodinu» was developed, as well as a brand portfolio using two new subbrands. The obligatory assortment now includes not only a line of excluded canned fish, but also new lines for gourmets: an assortment of pâtés, riets from various valuable fish species with the addition of spices, which include additives to food additives or as spreads for sandwiches; and for people with dietary habits or active sports: a range of fish products with health benefits that retain maximum health benefits.

As part of the workshop, we developed the main positioning of the brand «Za Rodinu» - "Guarantor of taste and confidence since 1947", as well as positioning for subbrands, the positioning of which became the new brand «Omegin» - blanched sardines in oil, containing a large amount of omega 3 and vitamin D.

There are practically no products like this on store shelves. Heat treatment of fish is short. This is a great product for both athletes and common people.

«Omegin» defines a line of products designed for a healthy diet. A catchy logo on a white background is adjacent to a bright diagonal in which graphic fish are intertwined. This gives excellent contrast and visibility on the shelf, as well as similarity to products such as dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are now also entering the hard cases of regular retail, and all this happens in a single conscious and eating activity of people living an active life. It was important for us to show that «Omegin» is a superfood that should become part of a modern person. Visual differentiation within the line due to the color of the diagonal quickly and clearly separates the taste positions among themselves. The packaging is different from other offers on the shelves in this category and is distinguished by the uniqueness of the products.

This product was recently presented at the international exhibition «Prodexpo-2023», having received gold in the «Best Product» competition and is currently beginning to enter the federal networks, be sold in Russian retail chains with a good prospect of entering the sports nutrition departments.

«Omegin» is a new taste, a fashion brand that offers healthy, vitamin-rich fish products so that you can quickly and easily replenish your energy for an active and eventful life.