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Piv & Co - the territory of happiness!


Piv & Co is a federal network of draft beer stores. Included in the top 30 most profitable franchises in Russia for 2020 according to Forbes magazine
In "Piv & Co" there is a draft beer from all over Russia and from its own brewery, more than 500 varieties of bottled beer from all over the world, own-made snacks and goods for every day. 


Last year, the owners of the Piv & Co chain commissioned us to help them form brand positioning so that the company could reach a new level.
At this stage, it was important to create value for the buyer by addressing him at a semantic level and answering the question why he should buy exactly the products of this brand.

Our tasks included:

• develop a unified design style for a private label brand,
• convey brand positioning and general store atmosphere through packaging design,
• highlight the private label of the brand among other brands presented in the store,
• reflect that this is not a private label of the first price, but a truly unique quality product. 


At the beginning of this year, we went to Yekaterinburg, where the management company is located, to conduct our workshop Vysota together with the client's team. The management brought together all the key employees, and for two days we rocked everything together, creating positioning, plunging into the world of the buyer and finding out who he is, what he cares, what is his key problem and how the company is solving this problem.

A ton of ideas were generated for value propositions, for new products and ideas for communication.
One of the tasks after the workshop was to update the private label design and bring it to a single style.  

The role of the Piv & Co brand is “shops with sincere service, helping our friends to relax and recharge so that they can enjoy every day and be happy. Beer is not just shops - it is a territory of happiness. "

That’s why yellow color is used in the design of the shops. They have a lot of light both inside and outside. Bright illuminated signs with offers for the buyer, polite pleasant sellers who will give friendly advice on what is best to take - all this forms the desired brand image.

Products for sale in chain stores are selected by a specific tasting committee. Many manufacturers would like to be able to become suppliers, but Piv & Co chooses the best. The network made many different private labels in different groups on its own, but the designs did not have uniformity and a single style. They were united only by logo of Piv & Co.

We needed to make a successive redesign. We were not faced with the task of changing the logo itself. It was important to fill it with meaning and create some kind of scheme, thanks to which network employees could easily create new products themselves.
Such a scheme was created by us within the framework of a logo block in the form of a yellow oval, on which the Piv & Co logo, a smile and the inscription "territory of happiness" are located. A yellow smiley that sticks like a sticker to any product. Thus, we solve the issue of visibility and marking - even where the yellow color is not categorical, it becomes a kind of stigma with a network marker. The main feature - a handwritten font for writing a category - makes private labels friendly, helping young people to make their choice quickly and easily. Claims with rational product benefits build customer confidence.

The final audit using our “Three Layers of Efficiency” methodology showed that as a result of the redesign, the indicators increased and the overall efficiency became noticeably higher.