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Plastishka - easy to learn new things!


The company "Bytplast" since 2007 began the production of products for children under the brand name "Plastishka". These are goods for children (baby baths, bathing seats, high chairs, pots, chests of drawers for storage, tables, desks, toy boxes, dishes, bib).


"Plastishka" has federal distribution, but "zero" recognition. There are several reasons for this, including a poorly readable logo, the absence of a bright memorable image, the brand representation on the product looks different and there is no single approach, “presentation” surfaces of the product are not used for branding. The task of the redesign is to correct the current shortcomings and increase the recognition and memorability of the Plastishka brand.


The name "Plastishka" perfectly reflects the product - a line of products for children made of safe plastic. And the name itself ultimately prompted us to create a brand character, a funny hero who captivates a child in an educational game.

Plastishka looks like a plastic ball, he has a funny hat on his head, which gives him individuality and dissimilarity to other spherical heroes. It is easy to animate and use in different situations. Such a brand hero is well remembered, resonates with both adult and children's audiences.

As a result of the redesign, the brand acquired its own character, became recognizable and noticeable.

"Plastishka" is a friendly, children's, Russian brand, embodied in a bright brand hero, emotional and cheerful.