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PRO Ground - smart farming!


PRO Ground is a new brand of organic-mineral fertilizers based on zeolite.

First of all, it is planned to release a wide range of products in the Fertilizers category in various areas (universal means for agriculture, fertilizers for vegetables, fertilizers for flowers, etc.).
In the future, various related products (gloves, garden tools) and equipment (lawn mowers, etc.) will also be produced under the PRO Ground brand. 


It is necessary to create a design for the logo and the front side of the package (label) for the new brand of mineral fertilizers "PRO Ground", which will help the brand successfully enter the category.


The brand combines modern formulas, naturalness and real efficiency in its products, so that every person who puts his strength and soul into agriculture can get an excellent result of his work and enjoy the harvest without worrying about the harm that he could cause to the soil or to his health due to the use of chemicals.

Volcanic zeolite is a natural mineral that has ion-exchange, sorbing and buffering abilities and is extremely useful for plants. It is equally effective for growing vegetables and fruit trees, as well as houseplants. Works as a soil conditioner, nutrient substrate and fertilizer. The PRO Ground line is divided into classics, fertilizers for vegetables and fertilizers for flowers.

The packaging design was developed as part of the Startup tariff, which is great for young companies. The team develops one option based on the brief, and the cost is significantly cheaper than a standard project with several concepts.

PRO Ground is aimed at an audience of modern citizens who want to use innovative preparations for soil improvement and be confident both in the effectiveness of the product, and in the naturalness and safety of the end results from its use. It is important for them to get as much information as possible about the product and its properties. The diagonal division in the packaging design allows you to show the granules themselves in a transparent window and leave a large area for information about the product. Differentiation within the line is carried out due to large Latin multi-colored letters, each of which demonstrates belonging either to the classic line or to fertilizers for flowers or vegetables.

In the logo, we focused on the letter U, making it in the form of a vessel with a growing seed inside as a distinctive symbol of the brand and a reference to crop production and smart farming.

In the lower right corner, the properties of the product, method of application and characteristics are written. The color, font and packaging architecture perfectly reflect the innovativeness of the product, the design looks concise and expert.

PRO Ground is a new natural innovative solution in the world of agriculture.