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ProctoHerbs — soft, gentle, delicate!


To create a packaging design for a new brand «ProctoHerbs» — a complex of extracts for a bath. 


We did not want to create an image of a “herbal collection”, but rather aimed at the image of a modern, effective drug.

Therefore, instead of hints at herbal images, we placed an impersonal pictogram on the packaging, which clearly conveys the problem and the pain of the buyer, and the clarity of the purpose of the drug.

In the “pharma” category, in addition to visual appeal, informativeness is important so that the target audience can immediately understand what it is, how it works and how effective it is.

Therefore, the visual image is supported by the benefits of the drug. We brought out the most important ones to the front part, and put information about the properties of extracts on the side part.

As a result, the packaging looks expert and professional, visually attractive and informative.

The oversized navy-blue logo contrasts with the pastel purple tone and the packaging is clearly visible on the shelf.

ProctoHerbs is a delicate solution to delicate problems!