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Prostaya eda - cooked from real products!


Prostaya eda is conveniently located culinary shops where you can buy delicious, always fresh, homemade, natural ready-made food, pastries, semi-finished products and confectionery. We work for people who understand the value of their own time and want to save it for things more important than cooking, but at the same time not at the expense of food quality and their own health.


To create a noticeable, attractive and memorable packaging design for ready meals, which will convey the positioning and benefits of the Prostaya Eda brand.


Based on the results of the “3 Layers of Efficiency” packaging design audit, a key problem was identified: packaging, being an important point of contact for the brand with the consumer, does not work effectively enough. The concept of the brand, its essence and advantages are not disclosed. The design lacks uniqueness, it does not stimulate conspicuous consumption and word-of-mouth marketing. There is a brand character in the form of an invented friendly bird Tai, but compositionally it is rather unsuccessful and illogically located.

Taking into account the potential entry into retail chains, it is also important that the packaging is noticeable and recognizable on the shelf among competitors, has a noticeable and readable logo.

The key positioning territory is "Comfort" (fresh, safe food), the auxiliary territory is "Control" (clear composition, careful selection of products - everything that is responsible for quality). The brand also covers the territory of "Accessories", as it supports the value of interaction, caring for your loved ones.

We have significantly increased the character, as it is essentially the main brand identifier. And the packaging itself was visually divided into two segments: two-thirds is occupied by a bubble in the form of a white dialogue cloud, in which the bird itself seems to be talking about the dish inside, and a transparent window was made at the bottom so that you can see the food and make sure of its quality. On a white background, we have placed all the information about the dish - its nutritional value, composition, recommendation for use, hallmarks and the inscription "We cook from real products", declaring the essence of the brand. The bird itself is now in the lower left corner, its gaze is directed to the information bubble. The logo has remained the same, but we've made it larger and repositioned it to make it stand out and memorable. The packaging architecture has become more structured, clear and understandable.

The new design attracts more attention due to a bright brand character, brand display and does not merge with other SKUs, but creates its own brand block, which helps the product stand out in retail among competitive products. It is no secret that a significant part of the chains' revenue comes from ready-made food, especially in large cities, and this trend is moving to the regions. The Prostaya eda brand will meet this trend head on, strengthening and maintaining its leadership position in its region and nearby areas.