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Pugachevskoe butter - natural dairy products from the Saratov region.


LLC "Pugachevskie Dairy Products" is one of the most successfully developing enterprises in the Saratov region. The manufactured products have environmentally friendly quality indicators and do not contain vegetable fats, artificial additives, or genetically modified products. Modern equipment from leading manufacturers, high quality products, well-developed logistics system are important competitive advantages of the plant. 


To create a modern, consumer-relevant packaging design for Pugachevskoe butter, which will reflect: traditionality, naturalness, quality, taste of the product.


We developed this design for retail and a regional shelf, which already featured both federal brands - Selo Zelenoe, Brest-Litovsk, Ekomilk - and various local brands.

The target audience of the brand is traditionalists and intellectuals, for whom the house is important as a symbol of family well-being. Based on this, the most suitable brand positioning territories are Belonging and Comfort.

The main task was not to create a super-revolutionary design, but to get into the category and convey the company's values - the naturalness of the product, its taste, safety and authenticity, since there are many fakes on the market that do not comply with GOST and do not have the right to be called butter.
We had to create a feeling of a natural Russian traditional product. To create a sub-brand with a logo representing purity, goodness and innocence, a light image that could be associated with butter.

The client provided a logo in the form of an image of a cow in a circle symbolizing the sun with the inscription "Pugachev Dairy Products". We decided to develop this idea by slightly changing the drawing itself, making the cow more clear, memorable and picturesque, and the rays of the sun - softer. The inscription "Pugachevskoe butter" is written in large contrasting type. All this has a counter-form in the form of a milk can with a food zone located in its lower part. The package contains important characteristics of the product - “without vegetable fats”, the inscription GOST and cute details are added in the form of a clover leaf with a ladybug. All these elements create an image of a natural product, which is very noticeable on the shelf and competes with the brands surrounding it.