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Ryazanochka — for those who bake with soul.


The Ryazanochka trademark has existed on the market since 2000 and during this time has already won the love of culinary specialists, both advanced and beginners.

“Ryazanochka” knows how important the quality of flour is so that the baked goods, into which the hostess puts her warmth and love, turn out the way she intended. That is why, in the production of Ryazanochka, so much attention is paid to ensuring that the quality of the finished flour is invariably high, and its unique properties always ensure an excellent result.


The Grain Holding company commissioned us for the redesign of its flagship flour Ryazanochka.

Among the tasks assigned were the following:

• to allocate a logo area on the front side of the package, which will increase the visibility of the package and the brand memorability among the buyer,

• to highlight the positioning and advantages of the brand,

• packaging design should be categorical.


We began work on the project with an audit of the packaging of the current design, during which we identified a number of shortcomings, the main one of which was insufficient visibility on the shelf.

From a distance, the design looked like a dark light spot, due to the color scheme dividing the packaging into a dark blue part with a photo and a white part with a category written. It was not very clear what the brand was, and the benefits of the product were not disclosed. Speaking about the emotional component, the dark photo of the stormy sky and wheat field did not create a positive impression on the brand.

You could have removed the name and write something else and nothing would have changed. The design did not reveal the character of the brand, did not inform the consumer how this flour differs from others and why it is worth buying. At the same time, the flour was in a fairly high price category, but what the buyer had to pay for was not disclosed.

The use of stylish modern fonts and photo style gave the brand a cold and haughty look in comparison with such brands as Makfa, Pudov, Belo-nejnaya.

As a rule, traditionalists, who want to please their loved ones, value homemade food, comfort and warmth of the family hearth, bake. Communication with this audience should be warmer.

Therefore, the task before us was quite difficult — on the one hand, it was necessary to maintain continuity, but at the same time redirect the vector from the segment of ambitious and independent (to which the current design appealed) to traditionalists.

Of the options we proposed, the one closest to the current one and retaining the previous composition was chosen — a dark top, a light bottom. We changed the photo of the field to another one that depicts the cooking process and creating the feeling like we are on the kitchen.

We focused on the brand name and wrote “Ryazanochka” in large print. Now it immediately catches your eye as soon as you approach the shelf.

Ryazanochka now has a symbol — a stylized image of a girl with ears woven into her hair and this creates a unique and memorable image.

In the lower part, there are zones with a description of the benefits of the product and the category. On a large mark, we introduced a differentiating color so that people can easily distinguish one type of flour from another.

After the redesign, we conducted another audit and it immediately became clear how much the design had changed and its efficiency increased. We refined and improved the visual and contextual layers and introduced a conversion layer.

Now Ryazanochka can be seen on the shelf of large federal chains, and we can say “relaunch” this brand, which only professionals previously knew about, since the brand name was invisible and there was no logo as such. In the new design, the brand loudly declares itself, and in the mascot in the form of a girl associated with a hardworking hostess who likes to bake and pamper her loved ones, many housewives recognize themselves.