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SAYANA - details of your comfort!


Sayan Foil is Russia's largest producer of household foil. The enterprise is part of the Downstream division of RUSAL, the leader in the global aluminum market.
The product range of Sayan Foil is constantly expanding and meets the needs of a wide range of customers. 


Create a new brand of food foil in the premium segment.


SAYANA is a premium brand of aluminum foil aimed at an ambitious audience that is not satisfied with a simple basic product. These are exacting, demanding people who pay attention to any details.

SAYANA was created by professionals in their field using advanced technologies. The special strength and plasticity of the sheet, uncompromising quality, precise thickness (11, 14, 20 and 25 microns), silicone non-stick coating in the BAKING version, the use of the unique aluminum with a low carbon footprint ALLOW - all these factors make the SAYANA brand a leader in the premium segment.

The foil has a branded embossing on the sheet, which we have specially developed for this product. A “knife” is integrated into the case so that you can easily cut a piece of foil.

The premium black matte color, achieved with a soft-touch finish, sets the brand apart from the rest of the competitors on the shelf. The large "SAYANA" inscription is made in metallic pantone and stylized as folded sheets of foil forming letters.
The left side of the package is reserved for color differentiation within the line and the differences of each SKU - scope, sheet thickness - so you can quickly find the right foil for you.
On the right side are the conversion hallmarks and benefits of the brand, the sustainable approach to production is marked with the inscription "ALLOW - aluminum with a low carbon footprint".

We also developed a brand book, which describes the brand strategy, target audience, branded packaging design elements.