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Sayanochka - according to all quality standards!


Sayanskaya Foil is Russia's largest producer of household foil. The enterprise is part of the Downstream division of RUSAL, the leader in the global aluminum market.
The product range of Sayan Foil is constantly expanding and meets the needs of a wide range of customers. 


To create a recognizable design that will be able to distinguish the brand "Sayanochka" on the shelf, among the private labels of retail chains, local and federal brands.


TM Sayanochka is the brand of the first price in the economy segment in the portfolio of the Sayanskaya Foil company. Under the brand "Sayanochka" a diverse range of products is produced: foil, baking sleeve, cling film and baking paper. The personification of the brand is the hostess who loves to cook at home for her loved ones.

A first-price brand does not mean a boring, dull design. On the contrary, it should give people inspiration for creativity, culinary experiments.

The new design of the brand "Sayanochka" is made in a retro style - the packaging depicts a cheerful hostess holding a cooked dish in her hands (a cake or an appetizing chicken, depending on the product SKU). The brand name is written in a modern stylized "60s" typeface. Delicious food zone, bright contrasting cherry background in combination with the yellow "best price" block - distinguish the product on the shelf from competitors.

As part of the project, a logo book was also developed, which contains the standards and brand identity and the principles of its use.