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Sayanskaya foil is an indispensable assistant in everyday life and cooking delicious food!


Sayanskaya Foil is Russia's largest producer of household foil. The enterprise is part of the Downstream division of RUSAL, the leader in the global aluminum market.
The product range of Sayan Foil is constantly expanding and meets the needs of a wide range of customers. 


To create a packaging design that will distinguish the Sayanskaya Foil brand from competitors on the shelf, increase its memorability and recognition due to the updated logo, demonstrate the appetizing food zone as the main purpose of the product, and effectively convey the benefits of the product and brand.


Sayanskaya foil is a famous and most popular brand among Russians, widely represented in retail chains.

The new design has a blue zone to highlight the brand name. We have changed the logo, making the letter "C" more distinctive. All food zones have been redesigned and, thanks to them, you can clearly see which type of foil is best suited for a particular dish. There are three types of products in the line, so we introduced differentiating triggers - color and technological icons, which are easy to navigate, how one foil differs from another, and which do not require reading and looking at it for a long time. 

We also developed a logo book, in which we told how to correctly use the logo and corporate elements of the brand in further work.

We hope that Sayanskaya foil, having appeared in a new design on store shelves, will become the undisputed leader and an indispensable assistant in everyday life for preparing various dishes.