Selencin — keeping hair healthy!

About the project

Selencin is a homeopathic medicine that saves you from hair loss. Combines both cosmetics for hair care, and drugs and dietary supplements. 


The client commissioned us to redesign a packaging, as there were significant flaws: the lack of a strong sign in the logo, the lack of differentiation between the lines inside the line, its key advantages (RTB) were not highlighted or conveyed.
Apart from the color scheme as a key identification element, in general, the packaging design could be called devoid of individuality and character.


Having worked out the design according to our “3 layers of efficiency” methodology, we strengthened the visual layer, figured out the context (packaging architecture) and developed a conversional since it was simply absent in the previous design.


The logo become strong and graphic. The visual differentiation between the lines was strengthened and a product for men was highlighted. The hologram-shaped circle further expanded the line and added expertise.


The context layer has become more informative: the product category and its differences from other products of the line, active substances and composition can be easily understood. A simple and understandable product differentiation system and a layout scheme for text blocks on the label were developed.


We revealed the advantages of the product and added offers: + 27% new hair and + 22% hair thickness (for shampoos), “strengthens hair” and “restores structure” (for balms).