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Shepsy — are a source of inspiration for craft drink makers!


The new product grew out of the client’s business, which is engaged in the production of high quality decorative wall panels from rare wood species, including Balkan oak. Since after the production of the panels there are a lot of chips left, the client wanted to give it a second life.


Create a new brand of oak chips for alcohol infusion with the following properties:

• Balkan oak
• 3 sizes, 2 types of roasting
• Vacuum drying
• Smoothness (leaves no residue)
• European quality certificates


Out-of-town rest went beyond the associative array of “potatoes, garden, fence” and found a new breath in the form of new farming, eco-hotels and suburban settlements built according to the European type.

The BACK TO BASIC FOR STATUS trend, which entered the top 10 for 2018 according to Euromonitor, suggests that the simplest, often made by hand, things according to original recipes have greater value and cost more than luxury brands of transnational corporations.

A growing number of people from creative and highly intellectual fields are adding variety to their lives by doing something “with their own hands.” This can be furniture, as well as the production of homemade liqueurs, craft cheese.

Such people — experimenters and innovators who appreciate the craftiness and uniqueness of products and who like to do something with their own hands — are the target audience of the new brand.

The market is not consolidated and is just getting back on its feet. This product is called chips, which is not very clear for the Russian ear, since for us chips are, first of all, potato chips. On the other hand, we have a very similar sounding word “shepa”. At the junction of these two words, naming Shepsy was born, which is excellent for defining the category as a whole.

You can choose the degree of roast. The Classic roasting will give the drink a pleasant aroma of caramel, almond and fruit. Mix roasting (stronger) — will add notes of chocolate to the nutty-fruity taste.

Size also matters, as it affects the rate of release of substances and the duration of infusion. Small — from 4 to 7 mm (2 weeks of infusion), medium — from 8 to 11 mm (3 weeks of infusion) large — from 12 to 15 mm (4 weeks of infusion).

In this way, the brand has a lot of room for experimentation, helping people to unleash their creativity.

We have indicated all these advantages on the packaging, since it is important for the consumer to receive all the information in order to choose the most suitable product for each purpose. The wood texture, which we have chosen as the background, perfectly conveys the idea of ​​closeness to nature and the naturalness of the product. The laconic premium design will certainly attract the attention of a wide audience who are not indifferent to the topic of craft drinks production.

In addition to packaging design, we have developed key visual, design of outlets and created a communication strategy, in which we prescribed a promotion strategy both offline and online.

The new brand will allow you to discover nature as a source of inspiration for creating your own unique drinks: a strong character and in the spirit of nature.