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Shoki-Toki — surprise and collect! 

About the project

Confitrade is a Russian brand of confectionery products of impulse demand. The main direction is sweets with toys. They commissioned us to create a brand of chocolate eggs with toys. 


The company had its own brand in the category of the chocolate eggs — “Shoki Toki”. There was a need for a strong brand with clear positioning, highlighting the strengths of the product as buyers did not allocate it on the shelf with competitors.

As a result, the client was able to start selling production in federal networks, and the very first sales showed successful growth. The brand has become number 2 in the chocolate egg market.


Chocolate eggs are a unique product. This is not just a treat, it is also a surprise: you never know what’s inside. The anticipation of the moment when the mystery of what kind of toy is hidden inside will finally open — this is what distinguishes chocolate eggs from ordinary sweets.

This is an easy way for a parent to please his child, the opportunity to share the joy with him and feel himself a little magician.

Insight: I want my child to be happy, I want to give him happiness, surprise, buy something special and receive love and gratitude in return. When he is happy — I feel just like a sorceress! It’s so nice!

The positioning was based on the idea of ​​“it is pleasant to surprise”. More than anything, every mother loves to delight and surprise her child. She likes to be a sorceress for him, creating a feeling of miracle and magic. And also it’s an opportunity for parents to see the joy in the eyes of the child, to understand that he appreciated the care and attention.

The magic wand inscribed in the logo illustrates the idea of ​​magic. Vivid purple color highlights the brand on the shelf. The flip side shows the characters from the collection.

“Shoki Toki” is an extraordinary gift, which delight millions of children. It’s not only the most tender chocolate and a popular toy, but you give a portion of love, care and warmth to your baby.