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SibAero - let air travel be comfortable.


SibAero is an airport holding company. At the moment, he owns about 80% of Aerokuzbass LLC, which manages the Novokuznetsk airport.


Develop a corporate visual identity for the SibAero management company.


The mission of SibAero Management Company is to develop the infrastructure of airports in Siberia and the Far East in such a way as to not only provide spatial connectivity and transport accessibility, but also create an atmosphere of hospitality, comfort and ease for passengers, making their stay at the airport more pleasant. Airports and flights are no longer associated with the stress and inconvenience of waiting, now the main association is a pleasant start to a vacation / work trip!

We reflected this positioning of the company in a new corporate style. In the logo, "S" turns into "A", and we see a certain sequence and interconnection of certain processes in these two letters. For the color scheme, cold blue-green shades were chosen, reminiscent of the endless forests of Siberia and the sea surface of the Far East. Based on these colors, we developed the entire corporate identity, showed it at the points of contact and created a brandbook.