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Siberia - the revival of authentic bath culture!


Siberia is a journey for health without long-distance flights. This is a bath complex of five authentic steam rooms with luxury service and exceptional care for the body and soul. 


To create a corporate identity for the project of the well-known entrepreneur Dmitry Portnyagin of the chain of luxury bath complexes "Siberia".


Well-known entrepreneur and business blogger Dmitry Portnyagin commissioned us to create a corporate identity for a chain of luxury bath complexes Siberia, which he plans to open in the world's largest financial centers starting from Moscow. 

Having not found a quality traditional offer on the market, with the right approach and implementation, he decided to combine the traditions of the Russian bathhouse and his experience in the Siberia project. The slogan of the project was the phrase - "Restore your health and spirit".

This is a grandiose project, which Dmitry himself calls "business for the soul." Five steam rooms in different style solutions, with the most modern technical equipment. The aim of the project is to revive the authentic bathing culture, adapt it to the expectations of the most demanding guests and make it an important element of lifestyle. So that people who visit Siberia feel, as they say, with their skin all the subtleties and nuances of the Siberian bath.

At the stage of contacting us, the logo of the brand "Siberia" was already developed. This is an emblem that personifies the wealth of Siberia with forests and fur-bearing animals in the form of a tree with a spreading crown on the sides of which two sables stand. Based on it, we needed to develop a corporate identity for bath complexes and design for a whole group of products - from a capsule collection of bath textiles to a line of cosmetics and even a special menu specially designed by Dmitry.

We have formulated the role of the brand: Siberia is a place of power, the only premium-level bath complex that helps active citizens find their balance and reboot, relying on the love of Siberian nature and the traditions of the Siberian bath, so that they can go to their goals with renewed vigor.

Siberia is a conglomeration of peoples, a symbiosis of cultures and various symbols, so, of course, we added ethnics, taking tree leaves as a basis and coming up with a number of patterns for clothing and use in visual communications. Not limited to one packaging design, we have taken a step further and offered an original style and a non-standard approach to the clothes of administrators, steam masters, herbalists and other employees of the complex, made of natural materials in an authentic style.

A design was developed for souvenirs, because business issues are often resolved in the bathhouse.

After the presentation of the concepts, Dmitry's team accepted our work the first time. We are happy that subsequently we managed to bring all the ideas to life.
At the moment, Siberia has opened its doors to everyone who wants to feel the bathing culture and take a steam bath in the best Siberian traditions. We wish Dmitry and his team success, great traffic and excellent financial results.