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Silver of Khakassia — the taste of natural water!


Alpina Brewery is a dynamically developing modern enterprise in Khakassia, which actively uses the most advanced technologies and the latest equipment. The enterprise also produces non-alcoholic products exclusively on natural raw materials and without the use of additional dyes and stabilizers. Carbonated drinks “Alpina” are made on the basis of high-quality sugar syrup, fruit drinks “Morsi” are made on the basis of natural fruit juices, cold teas of the “Ice Tea” series from extracts of selected varieties of black and green tea. Classic drinking water of the Aqua Time brand has its own special chemical composition, which is strictly controlled by special measuring equipment.


We were commissioned to create a design for the brand of drinking water Silver of Khakassia.


Drinking water Silver of Khakassia is extracted from its own well in the Ust-Abakan region with a depth of 150 meters.

Several years ago, while working on the design of packaging for Alpina beer in focus groups, one of the respondents noted that there are sources of clean water in Khakassia and this water is famous outside the region. It is known both in Siberia and in the Urals. Then we asked the owner why they do not release water, which would symbolize the purity and nature of Khakassia. And proposed to create such a brand that would praise the pristine nature of Khakassia and the crystallinity of its water and bowels. So that when people come to Khakassia, they could buy water as a symbol of the place they have visited.

The contrasting logo is inscribed in a dark blue triangle, symbolizing purity, coldness and freshness. Behind it, triangles are lined up a little less contrasting. This entire group represents the Sayan Mountains — the heart of Khakassia. Another symbol of Khakassia — the Siberian red deer — is also in the logo.

In addition, we have included in the design graphics that symbolize the ethnography of the tribes that have inhabited Khakassia since ancient times.

This water can rightfully be considered a symbol of Khakassia. The name itself gives a sense of cleanliness, freshness and belonging to this region.

“Silver of Khakassia” personifies the republic, materializes its best part — crystal purity, coolness and health!