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Solo is an exquisite dessert!


Ekomilk has long been engaged in the production and sale of milk, butter and cheese, occupying a significant market share. In 2015 the company decided to expand the range and introduce new positions — milk and sour cream. In 2019, Ekomilk launches the production of flavored yoghurts.


We held our workshop “Vysota” together with the Ekomilk team and developed several directions for new products. One of the new brands is Solo, for which we have developed naming and packaging design. But the company did not stop there and expanded the line by adding spoon yoghurts.


Solo spoon yoghurts continue the theme of exquisite desserts and unusual flavors. The centerpiece of the composition is the incredible food zones, each of which is a piece of art.

Additional differentiation of tastes in the line is due to the colors of the bowls. The exquisite presentation evokes associations with trendy restaurants somewhere along the coast.

A bright palette of flavors will delight both the discerning gourmet and the lover of unusual tastes. After all, any of the Solo yoghurts is a small holiday every day!