Solo - six bright tastes! 


Brand Solo is created for the audience who indulge in something tasty and interesting. Therefore, its territory is a pleasure. This is a holiday for those who choose yogurt in order to enjoy the taste, feel the rush of endorphins and positive energy, to escape from the routine.

One of the tasks was to make the most vivid and appetizing food zone, which would convey the feeling of a holiday, special pleasure, an unusual cocktail of tastes. The product is really unusual, with such exotic tastes as matcha, mint, lemon, aloe vera. We decided to display the main motive of the cocktail serve on the flip side. A mock-up of the creative back side was developed, the text content is inscribed in the silhouette of the glass, the text is divided into convenient and understandable blocks, and the badges and hallmarks at the same time became the decor and decoration of the glass..