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Sorbon - premium quality!


Sorima is one of the leading food and beverage importers.
The assortment includes a wide range of products: dairy products and ingredients, including Iranian cheeses, milk powder, butter, as well as chocolate, desserts, confectionery cream, baby food, convenience foods, frozen foods, drinks and sauces.
All imported products comply with international quality standards. 


Adapt the design of TM Sorbon to the subbrand of natural milk creamer and vegetable whipping cream.


Sorbon are premium quality sweets that have preserved the traditional recipe of oriental sweets. Our task was to adapt the original design to the new packaging, preserving all the attributes of the brand as much as possible. 

We have added an appetizing food zone to the existing logo block in the form of a tartlet with a snow-white cap of whipped cream, decorated with berries and a mint leaf. As well as a golden stamp indicating the advantage of the product - "Fast Whipped".
For the packaging of the vegetable cream, a bright coral color was chosen, which works well within its category and creates a good contrast with the logoblock.