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Sorima - unsurpassed quality!


Sorima is one of the leading food and beverage importers.
The assortment includes a wide range of products: dairy products and ingredients, including Iranian cheeses, milk powder, butter, as well as chocolate, desserts, confectionery cream, baby food, convenience foods, frozen foods, drinks and sauces.
All imported products comply with international quality standards. 


It is necessary to create a label and sticker design for semi-hard and soft cheeses that can distinguish the brand, appetizingly demonstrate the product and its uses, and also convey the benefits of the product.


The Sorima logo is written in capital letters, made in a closed form with a hint of oriental motifs. The contrast of the dark blue background, associated with freshness, and the red element in the form of a girl's profile, personifying the brand name, makes the logo very noticeable. The logo also features a stylized image of a farm as a reference to the place of production.

The design has a clear architecture: the packaging always uses ribbon of different colors depending on the type of cheese. The ribbon contains the category and variety of cheese, important properties of the product, as well as a food zone: for Tilsiter - a delicious sandwich, for mozzarella - fragrant pizza, for cream cheese - sushi and a delicate cheesecake.

The design is bright and noticeable. In the Horeca, the brand is often almost non-existent. Our story is universal and suitable for both traditional Horeca and can live in large formats with an understandable familiar brand for buyers, or it can stand on the shelves in retail along with consumer brands.