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Spelo zrelo — the taste of summer


Spelo zrelo is a federal brand of fruit and vegetable and berry conservation. The brand has established itself as a high-quality product, manufactured according to the strictest quality standards, only from the best ingredients.


To make a redesign of the brand «Spelo zrelo» in order to increase the visibility of products on the shelf and influence the dynamics of sales.


After the audit, the weaknesses in the current design became clear: inexpressive logo, no visual elements that would be associated with the brand and no conversion layer. The brand merged with competitors.

Spelo zrelo — an emotionally charged name, associated with the sun, summer mood and warmth. Therefore, the dominant color on the packaging has become yellow, associated with sunny days, when everything ripens in the fields. The logo has become large and prominent, and the food zone has become more dynamic due to the flying peas. We added the descriptor “from the south of Russia”, since the entire crop was harvested there, and, moreover, the south is the breadbasket for our entire country.

After the peas, the design was adapted to other product categories. As the result we created an optimistic brand that stands out on the shelf and communicates the benefits of a purchase to the consumer.