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Starooskolskie — unsurpassed quality!


Stoilenskaya Niva company occupies one of the leading positions in the production of flour and bakery products.

Grain processing and production complexes are located at 16 enterprises.

The enterprises are located in 9 regions of the Russian Federation — mainly in the European part.

The company is one of the three leaders in the production of flour on the Russian market.


Develop a packaging design for a new brand of pasta.


Flour production is closely monitored at every stage. The best quality grain is purchased for flour production.

The products are annually awarded at Russian and international competitions. Stoilenskaya Niva flour mills are multiple holders of the title of the Best Mill in Russia.

That is why we decided to include the image of the mill in the logo in order to emphasize the quality of the flour.

The symbolic fertile fields on the packaging, the brand “made from our own flour” and the reverse side of the packaging, revealing all the advantages of the brand, support the concept of a modern responsible brand that controls the quality of products at every stage of production.