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Molochnaya Familiya — from family to families!

About the project

Today, Uva-Milk is one of the largest dairy enterprises in Udmurtia. The company has installed modern equipment from leading European and Russian manufacturers. Modern advanced technologies are used to produce high quality products. The Uva-Milk plant is in the TOP-5 of dairy plants in the Russian Federation. 


The Uva-Milk company commissioned us to create a design and naming for a new brand of dairy products, as well as to develop a communication strategy, setting communication standards that will convey the benefits, values ​​and character of the new brand, distinguish it from the rest. 


The chosen direction for the brand «From family to families» is no coincidence. Uva-milk is a family-owned enterprise, which is why it was decided to build positioning using the territory of belonging and comfort. 

Through packaging and communication strategy, we tried to convey both the values of the products and the global mission of the brand: to provide families with natural, affordable and high-quality dairy products, because they are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a guarantee of health for the future generation.

The logo depicts a fantasy family with a cow, and in the food zone block an appetizing simple sandwich that will appeal to every member of the family.

The claims on the front of the package — “farm milk”, “under the control of Dutch technologists”, “14 milk selection parameters” — reveal the properties associated with the origin of the product, with the safety of the composition and quality control. What customers pay attention to and what is really important when choosing a product.

Small details, such as transparent heart-shaped windows on the packaging, convey the idea of care and love.

The naming «Molochnaya Familiya» indicates the family name of the business and its value basis.

For the brand’s target audience, family and home are the center of their life. It is important for them to have close friends who you can rely on, as well as make efforts to help others. In a relationship, they value sincerity and honesty. Therefore, in the communication strategy, the emphasis is not only on the product, but also on the story of the company itself through the owners and employees of the plant. Honest and frank, a real story, a real family — reinforces the sincerity of our brand, inspires others and strengthens the credibility of the manufacturer.