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Vanta — your good bread!


The production of bakery products by Vanta LLC began in November 1994.

At that time, the Volgodonsk bakery counters could not boast of either a wealth of choice or the quality of baked goods.

“Vanta” has come a difficult way from a relatively small bakery to a large modern, high-tech enterprise for the production of bakery products.

Today LLC “Vanta” is the main manufacturer of bakery products, producing more than 60 of its types. The high quality of baked goods has always been not only the main concern, but also the main pride of the bakery. This is confirmed by diplomas and medals of all kinds of specialized exhibitions and professional competitions for bakers.


In addition to bread production, the company owns a chain of branded bakeries. Locals know and love the brand’s products. The bread is also sold in local retail chains. But as the company plans to expand its presence and enter regional networks, the brand needed a redesign to compete successfully with other manufacturers.

We were commissioned to create a modern, noticeable design that forms a single brand image among consumers, reflecting the main brand values ​​(taste, quality, traditions) and product characteristics.


To understand what the problems are, we conducted an audit using our own methodology for assessing the effectiveness of brand design and competitors in the retail environment “3 layers of efficiency”. With its help, we evaluate how visible and understandable the product is and whether it motivates to buy.

The essence of the technique is that we divide the design into three layers (visual, contextual and conversion), we evaluate them by 28 parameters. The program builds a diagram for each layer and shows the effectiveness of each layer and the overall one.

We asked the client to provide us with photographs of their branded retail and chains where the product is sold and made a virtual shelf, putting the brand’s products with manufacturers from other regions in order to compare the current design and evaluate its effectiveness.

The overall efficiency of the Vanta brand was 48%. The visual layer scored only 41%. A significant drawback was that the logo was almost invisible. In this case, the brand itself is invisible and not remembered.

The context layer was generally good, there was a conversion too, but it needed to be strengthened.

On the one hand, it was clear that in Volgodonsk the brand is loved and popular and the redesign should not shock loyal customers, they should recognize their favorite bread. Therefore, we took the current logo as a basis and transformed it, making it more contrasting, adding red and using a bold font.

The logo is styled like a loaf. Wheat spikelets in the logblock and on the packaging — a reference to the naturalness and quality of the bread.

We paid special attention to differentiation — the top of the package is decorated with a corporate pattern. Combined with the accent color stripe on the packaging, the type of bread can be easily identified. This is important considering that the shelf in this category is spontaneous.

Having strengthened the visual layer, we did not disregard the conversion layer, creating value for the buyer and highlighting the main benefits from the acquisition: Vanta is bread based on live sourdough from premium flour.

As a result of the redesign, we increased the efficiency of the visual layer to 78%, the contextual layer to 86%, and the conversion layer to 65%. The overall efficiency was 78%, which, in our estimation, is in the “excellent” zone.

We redesigned the entire assortment, completely repackaging the Vanta brand, emphasizing the main value laid down by the owner — your good bread.

Vanta is a favorite traditional bread from a manufacturer you can trust!