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Villa Dini — juicy and invigorating taste.


Oasis is the number 1 producer of juices and nectars in Belarus. In addition, Oasis is an international holding with beverage plants in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The company’s portfolio includes such brands as Juicy, Sun Smile, Villa Dini and Bambolina.


The Villa Dini juice line was launched in 2015. These are 100% juices and nectars for the production of which premium raw materials from the best suppliers are used. The previous design was very emotional and appealed to buyers’ memories of a vacation, an ideal vacation spot to go with the family.

Each SKU had its own history captured in watercolor. On the shelf, however, the design was lost among the competitors. The packaging felt great when picked up outside the competitive environment. But more contrasting solutions of competitors quickly fell into the focus of the consumer’s attention. This affected sales. In addition, the design narrowed the audience to gender-neutral to women (who buy juices less than men), which significantly reduced the market capacity. The lack of a tasty and conspicuous food zone also affected the visibility of the packaging.

Our tasks included:

  • relaunch the brand, but retain the current, loyal audience of the brand,
  • switch the audience from other brands to our product,
  • convey the uniqueness and values ​​of the brand through categorized packaging.


Our audit using our “3 Layers of Efficiency” methodology helped to identify weaknesses in the current design. The effectiveness of the visual layer suffered the most: a low-contrast logo and the absence of a food zone affected the lack of visibility on the shelf.

As a result, it was decided to reboot the brand with the preservation of the name, but revise the visual solution.

We offered a consistent solution in the logo and decided to remove the watercolor illustrations, which give blur and lack of contrast on the shelf. It was necessary to place those visual accents that were necessary from the point of view of modern retail in order for our client to stand out from his main competitors.

With the help of our methodology “Platforms of Growth”, we have defined territories for positioning:

Pleasure” (the brand gives pleasure to taste, the design should include a food zone for hedonists)

Energy and freedom” (easy and quick choice, nothing superfluous in the composition — compliance with the trends characteristic of the territory on the “clean label”, healthy lifestyle)

Individuality” (premium, nobility, Italy)

We kept the logo in a handwritten manner, but made it black, which gave the maximum contrast between the white background of the packaging and the black color of the logo. In addition, it immediately added a premium to the product.

A noticeable bright food zone turned out to be very juicy, which is important for the category and made it possible to visually separate SKUs according to tastes within the line. The visual codes correspond to the positioning territories. The pleasure of taste is broadcast in combination with premium laconicism, minimalism — nothing superfluous, only taste.

The contextual layer is supported by the visual, it is immediately clear what kind of product is inside, what its taste is. The audience of the product is understandable — those who appreciate the taste and can afford to enjoy it.

The spelling style of the names in both design concepts adds value, solidity and reinforces the naming, which refers to Italy.

The positioning of premium, high-quality juice is reflected in the packaging style, and is also reinforced by the phrase in Italian about quality taken from the past design. The same phrase is responsible for the disclosure of rational benefits.

We disclose additional information that enhances the conversion layer on the back of the package.

Juices “Villa Dini” in a new design have only recently appeared on the shelves, but the dynamics of sales have noticeably increased compared to the previous design.